🏦⏏️ Assent Protocol bi-weekly recap #2 🏦⏏️

  • ⭐️ The Assent Protocol made multiple proposals for the Assentors (Assent Protocol community to vote on:
    1. Reduce the $ASNT emissions by 30%. (passed)
    2. Remove the non native farms from the Assent Protocol Dapp. (passed)
    3. Let the team do its thing for 30 days without providing proposals for the Assentors to vote on. (passed) ⭐️
  • ⬇️ On the 13th of April the $ASNT emissions got reduced by 30% to reduce the sell pressure on the $ASNT token. With this, our phases 3 token phases will be adjusted a bit as well; it will take a bit longer for $ASNT to reach the maximum capped supply of 100m. ⬇️
  • 🎥 A quality YouTuber with real subscribers created a video review on Assent Protocol 🎥
  • 🎙The Marketing team hosted multiple AMAs with:
    1. TulipDAO (voice AMA on Discord)
    2. Fantomine (Text AMA on Telegram)
    3. Coinhunters (Voice AMA on Telegram) 🎙
  • 🐦 A handful of Twitter influencers tweeted about Assent Protocol to update their community what has happened and what is yet to come for the protocol 🐦
  • ❌ The non native farms on the Assent Protocol Dapp got removed by the dev team to keep focus on the Assent Protocol native token $ASNT. This was a difficult decision for the team but luckily the community helped the team to get to a conclusion by voting on the proposal of removing the native farms. removing the native farms drastically decreased selling pressure on $ASNT. ❌
  • 🔒The dev team surprised both the marketing managers and the Assentors when they released auto compounding vaults for both native LPs: $ASNT/$USDC and $ASNT/$WFTM. 🔒
  • 📣 A lot of promotions have been shared in Telegram callgroups. 📣
  • 💵 The Assent Protocol core team extracted $10K from the treasury wallet for marketing the new features that are being released soon. 💵
  • 🕹 Multiple games and flash contests were hosted in the official Assent Protocol Telegram community. 🕹
  • The marketing team will keep running multiple marketing campaigns on Twitter, Telegram and Youtube as well.
  • The DEVS will deploy the special locker feature alongside the exclusive Assent Protocol pools, where stables and bluechips can be earned.
  • The Assent Protocol $apUSD stable token will be launched alongside the Assent Protocol apUSD borrowing/lending market. This should happen in a very short timeframe.
  • The marketing team will create an educational YouTube channel to educate investors on Assent Protocol and crypto/DeFi as a whole
  • Multiple partnerships are in talks with quality Fantom projects.
  • Expect the marketing team and Telegram admins to host multiple flash contest in the Telegram community. Building a fun, active and productive community is a major focus for the core team.

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Assent Protocol

Assent Protocol


Assent Protocol is a new multi chain DeFi project that aims to become the number one DeFi bank for both DeFi investors and DeFi projects.