🏦⏏️ Emission halving 🏦⏏️

Why a halving is necessary

Due to the rough market conditions it’s highly likely that the $ASNT token will get depreciated fast if the team doesn’t act quickly. The rewards on the Assent Protocol Dapp are still relatively high and so together with the community we came to the conclusion that halving the emission rate of $ASNT is the right thing to do right now.

What impact will this halving have?

Halving the emission rate of $ASNT means that the minting per second/block will be cut in half. This will impact the vaults and farms on the Assent Protocol Dapp as they are distributing the $ASNT that is minted per second/block. The vaults and farms rewards will be rewarding 50% less than they are currently doing.

What will not get impacted?

The bonding feature alongside the Exclusive Assent Protocol Pools won’t be impacted and they will continue to work like they are working right now.

Wen halving ser?

The Emission halving will take place around the end of this week. The time will be announced prior to the event.

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