🏦⏏️ Launch update 🏦⏏️

In this Medium blog post we will share the most recent Assent Protocol launch updates.

Short recap

Last week Assent Protocol tried to launch their project by hosting 2 pre-sales:

- Whitelist pre-sale: The whitelist pre-sale with a hardcap of $30k, which was reached quickly

- Public pre-sale: The public pre-sale had a hardcap of $3,150,000. This hardcap was changed to $300k after the core team noticed that it wasn’t the right time for such a high hardcap. In response the team initiated a softcap of $150k. Unfortunately the softcap wasn’t reached within the time that the public sale was running.

Due to this, as promised, the Assent Protocol team has refunded all contributions made to both the whitelist pre-sale and the public pre-sale.

What now?

The Assent Protocol team came together after the public sale ended and came to the conclusion that the Protocol should change directions a bit. The team began talks with a DEX launchpad to see if there was a possibility for a launch pre-sale on the BSC network. The launchpad really liked the Assent Protocol ideas but told the team that they could only host a launch pre-sale for Assent Protocol on the Fantom Opera network an area in which they equally had deep connections.

The Fantom Opera network is one of the best chains in the crypto space, which as of recent has attracted many investors. Assent Protocol believes that this hype isn’t over yet and there is still a lot more room to grow for both Fantom and its network. Read more on the Fantom Opera network here.

The Assent Protocol team decided to go for a launch pre-sale with this aforementioned DEX launchpad on Fantom. Launching with a DEX launchpad will provide Assent Protocol with a lot of exposure to potential new investors.

What does this mean?

Launching on Fantom with a DEX launchpad will come with some changes:

  • Our token smart contracts will need to undergo slight changes. (The security audit from solidity finance will still apply to the new token smart contracts)
  • Our DEX won’t be released at launch because we will list our liquidity with this well known DEX that is set to launch Assent Protocol. This doesn’t have any impact on Assent Protocol besides not getting DEX trading fees in the beginning of the project.

The rest of Assent Protocol will remain the same. The whitepaper has already been adjusted to the slight changes that we are making.

Assent Protocol will launch in around 2 weeks. Specific dates will be dependent on the DEX launchpad but stay tuned on our socials for the latest news!

From the Assent Protocol Team to our loyal Assentors and those to come, thank you for your overwhelming support and excitement! 🚀

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Assent Protocol is a new multi chain DeFi project that aims to become the number one DeFi bank for both DeFi investors and DeFi projects.